Todor Arnaudov's Research

Todor is the author of probably the world's first University courses in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) back in
2010 and 2011. He taught them in Plovdiv University, where he is an M.Sc in Software Technologies (second? average grades), B.Sc in Informatics (first in grades).

He is the first and most frequent winner of prizes for ideas and contributions to Boris Kazachenko's Cognitive Algorithm AGI project.

As an undergraduate he was an intern in the Wolverhampton's research group in Computational Linguistics, where in several months he produced from scratch a work that participated at LREC 2008 and IMCSIT 2008 - Smarty - an extendable framework for comprehension assistants.

Todor is author of the Bulgarian speech synthesizers "Glas 2004" and "Toshko 2". ( ... and ... )

I will create a thinking machine that will self-improve - an interview from 2009, which he gave for the Bulgarian's popular science magazine "Obekty".

Browse lecture slides, articles and other materials mostly in Bulgarian and a selection in English only.

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