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Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov is the author of probably the world's first University courses in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) back in
2010 and 2011. He presented them at Plovdiv University, where he holds a MSc in Software Technologies (second? grades), BSc in Informatics (Computer Science, first).

He was the first to support and promote and the first and most frequent winner of prizes for ideas and contributions to Boris Kazachenko's Cognitive Algorithm AGI project from 2010 until 2018.

I will create a thinking machine that will self-improve - an interview from 2009, which he gave for the Bulgarian's popular science magazine "Obekty".

Browse the AGI lecture slides, articles and other materials mostly in Bulgarian and a selection in English, see also the Artificial Mind blog - one of the first dedicted to AGI since late 2007, continuing the Bulgarian e-zine "Sacred Computer" from the early 2000s.

  • As an undergraduate he was an intern at the Wolverhampton research group in Computational Linguistics, where in several months he created from scratch a working prototype of a GUI NLP software that participated at LREC 2008 and IMCSIT 2008 - Smarty - an extendable framework for comprehension assistants. As early as a first year student he worked as a researcher-developer in Plovdiv University, as un undergraduate - a developer in a video-transition effects company called Transmutators; as an MSc student he was one of the initial handful of engineers in a fabless semiconducor startup called "ASIC Depot", later acquired by Broadcom.
  • Todor is programming since the age of 11 and has developed a wide range of software in various programming languages and platforms: for example the Bulgarian speech synthesizers "Glas 2004" (for a few weeks as a first year student) and "Toshko 2" (C++), computer graphics and simple games (BASIC, Pascal, Assembler, C++, OpenGL, DirectX, HLSL, GLSL, Python); video editing, video streaming, image processing, visual effects and computer vision (C/C++, Win32, DirectX, OpenCV, Python); electronic dictionaries, NLP, parsers, text pattern matching (C/C++, C#, Java, Regular expression, Perl); Working memory-General Desktop Assistant (C# - for internal use); GUI software (Win32, MFC, C# Windows Forms); some PHP/Javascript and various experimental and research software for educational purposes.

  • Todor has an intrinsic general curiosity, diversity of talents, interests and activities, besides computer science, software development, AGI and the directly related sciences such as (developmental) psychology, neuroscience, cybernetics, cognitive science, etc.
  • He has been involved with study and activities in all kinds of creative and performing arts and storytelling, culminating in filmmaking; humanities such as philosophy, linguistics, sociolinguistics, language learning, social science, history; he also loves sports.
  • Todor has worked in media. He was a writer for the popular science magazine "Obekty", recently was an author of an interdisciplinary article in the newspaper of Plovdiv University "Escape from the Brave Video World", was a screen writer of an educational film about photography, produced by Bulgarian National Television (BNT) - Megapixels, 2009. He is a creator- writer, videographer, video editor, actor of/in documentaries and short films and music videos and often produces them with editing and visual effects software developed by himself (Twenkid FX Studio, still a prototype for internal use, not published yet). He had several appearances in prime time on BNT.
  • Author and publisher of avant-garde literature - creator of the interdisciplinary-multidisciplinary e-zine "Sacred Computer", one of the first e-zines on the Bulgarian Internet, first issue in late 2000 at age 16, regular until 2004, one more issue in 2005. He's also author of the more recent avant-garde e-zine "Razumir" (2014-2015-) focused on social science, philosophy, art, satirical creative writing, political and historical analysis etc.
  • He enjoys and is interested in social and community-building non-profit volunteer's activities. He was the founder and participant researcher, writer and developer of the sociolinguistics virtual association DZBE (ДЗБЕ - Дружество за защита на българския език), the so called Younashki dialect, sociolinguistics articles and electronic dictionaries. That happened back in his teenage years in early 2000s and parts of his work influenced or was published, in one extent or another, in publications of at least two academic sociolinguistics researchers and reached several mainstream media.
  • In more recent years he was one of the founders of the Plovdiv's hackerspace "Hackafe" (2013), where he is known as the artist among the members as he was a proponent, organizer and an electric guitar player in small musical jam sessions and creator of the exhibition and installation "Hacker-artists and friends" (Feb 2017), where he was the principal author, participating also with literature, photography and video pieces and a multi-art-and-location-based installation.
  • See Todor's active research blog Artificial Mind

    Todor is looking for R&D and creative opportunities and collaboration.

    Contact: - gmail - com