Re: [agi] Intelligence: a pattern discovery algorithm of scalable complexity.

Boris Kazachenko
Sun, 30 Mar 2008 06:23:28 -0700

Hello Boris, and welcome to the list.

Thanks Vladimir, I actually posted a few times a while back.
Don't do it often because of the "mindset" problem I mentioned in my blog :).

I didn't understand your algorithm, you use many terms that you didn't
define. It probably would be clearer if you use some kind of
pseudocode and systematically describe all occurring procedures. But I
think more fundamental questions that need clarifying won't depend on

Right, "fundamental" issues first. That's the only kind I deal with anyway.
I actually do define terms a great deal, but there's always a "context" problem. General means decontextualized, the examples here are useless, & people have hard time thinking without them.

What is it that your system tries to predict? Does it predict only
specific terminal inputs, values on the ends of its sensors? Or
something else? When does prediction occur?
What is this prediction for? How does it help? How does the system use
it? What use is this ability of the system for us?

The system builds a hierarchy of generalization from discrete sensory inputs: pixels, initially in 1 dimension, - the bottom of the hierarchy. Everything we know (except for math) was originally derived from senses, & that's by far the easiest place to start anyway. Prediction (projection) occurs on every level, with corresponding range & complexity.
What for? What is intelligence for? That'd be a long list.


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