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AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence
SIGI stands for Self-Improving General Intelligence
VLSI stands for Versatile Limitless Self Improver

Artificial Mind – Todor Arnaudov’s Researches Blog

2/2013:The new generation text-to-speech synthesizer “Toshko 2″ is announced, alpha release coming soon.
9-10/2012: I’ve been getting into research and refresh “mode” in various fundamental directions. A parallel mixed R&D mode – “implementation mode” – is planned to begin in November or December.
9/2012: That’s not AGI, but it’s fun – Super Smartasses, a comics premiere Episode 1 – Companions
7/2012: Call for participants for the Second AGI-SIGI: see in the blog.
7/7/2012: The first AGI-SIGI mini-conference happened successfully today in Plovdiv! More info – see in the blog.
5/2012: The mini-conference is planned for the beginning of July in Plovdiv, see the blog for more updates.
4-5/2012: Todor established a successful business partnership with a small, but growing start-up software company, based in London and Plovdiv. So far he joined as a developer of the first distributed version of one of their software products.
4/2012: Announcement of the upcoming first AGI/SIGI, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary conference, organized by Todor Arnaudov and friends.
10/2011: Todor’s AGI Forum opened and this web site got a fresh look.
09/2011: Todor won another prize for ideas in AGI.
01/2011: Todor will teach another advanced course in AGI, called Mathemaical Theory of Intelligence, even more advanced (technical) than the previous one. Follow Todor Arnaudov’s Researches for update on the program (or see in Bulgarian, if you speak it).

2010: Todor won a consolation prize for ideas in AGI from Boris Kazachenko.

9/4/2010: Todor started to teach an original course in Artificial General Intelligence in Plovdiv University, one of the first world-wide. See the course program and info.

Twenkid Research is a work-in-progress project for a private start-up Research-and-Development company. The company is supposed to have many research directions, with the main one: Artificial General Intelligence. Todor is searching for research and business partners. Check the other sections for more info.


This web site is still under construction, gonna be filled with more information on the University courses Todor has taught, on completed software, theoretical and artistic projects, work-in-progress projects, research directions, partners, papers, etc. You may follow the blog and join the AGI forum:

Todor Arnaudov’s Researches Blog

Papers and Lectures in English  Independent Scalable AGI Society

Twenkid Studio – Todor Arnaudov’s Film Studio (Media, site in Bulgarian only, yet)

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